Shoreline wins contract to develop 9MW installed Natural Gas fired power Plant
Lagos, Nigeria—February 1, 2012 – Shoreline Power Limited announced today that it has been awarded the contract, from the Tolaram Group, for the engineering, design, procurement, installation, construction, operation and maintenance of a 9 mega watt installed capacity gas fired power plant for Dufil Prima foods at their newly expanded Choba production facility in port Harcourt, Rivers State. The new facility will have a noodle and pasta production line as well as a flour production line to meet most of the growing demand for the Dufil brand products.

Shoreline Power will work as the promoter, investor, main EPC contractor as well as the operator of the power plant, selling power on a per kilo watt hour basis to the off taker Dufil Prima Foods under a long term power purchase agreement. A lack of adequate Natural Gas pipeline infrastructure within the vicinity of the Choba facility does posses a unique challenge, and presents an opportunity for Shoreline to vertically integrate into the gas supply and distribution space of the energy business.

In this regard, Shoreline is investing into a gas processing facility for the compression of Natural Gas which will be used for gas to power at the client site and delivered via 45 ton bullet storage vessels, each with an equivalent liquid capacity of 22,400 water liters. The CNG plant will have a total compression capacity of 5112 SCM per hour. Shoreline Power is extremely excited about the opportunity to deploy the CNG technology within the region and as first mover of this technology; we believe that we are able to capture a large share of the potential market to be defined for this product and service.